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Lawn Care Company in Stuart, FL & Martin County, FL

Creating Beautiful Lawns Across Martin & Palm Beach Counties, FL

Take your lawn to the next level with Spath Spray! For over six decades, our lawn maintenance company has offered lawn care programs to help homeowners improve the health of their lawn, add value to their home, and create landscaping that is the envy of their neighbors.

Spath Spray is a family-owned and operated company based in Stuart, FL. Our owner was born and raised in Martin County, and our team is proud to provide our friends and neighbors with the lawn maintenance services they deserve.

Lawn Maintenance Services Tailored to Your Needs

Many lawn care companies take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to their lawn maintenance services — not Spath Spray. Your yard, trees, and shrubs are as unique as your home, so we tailor our services to help your landscaping flourish and thrive.

Our lawn care programs include weed control, insect management, and fertilization services. We offer every customer personalized, timely applications to ensure your lawn is healthy and always looking its best. Our goal is to help create a yard you admire and an outdoor space you and your loved ones will enjoy.

Weed Control in Stuart, FL & Martin County, FL | Spath Spray

weed control

Lawn Insect Management in Stuart, FL & Martin County, FL | Spath Spray

insect managment

Lawn Fertilizer in Stuart, FL & Martin County, FL | Spath Spray


Why Choose Spath Spray for Lawn Maintenance?

Spath Spray is state-certified, licensed, and insured and was started in 1956. Our lawn maintenance specialists have first-hand knowledge of South Florida bugs, pests, and what it takes to create and nourish a healthy lawn as a locally-grown company. We use only the highest quality, tested fertilizers, weed control, and pest management products. Our team uses proper granular or liquid products based on your lawn’s specific conditions. With Spath Spray, your investment in your lawn is minimal, but the return is great.

See What Our Clients Say!

“Spath Spray has done a great job bringing my yard back to life. I’ve used four other companies in the past, and never have I received such results. I also used to do my own granular, but I never had the same results. And the cost of purchasing the granules vs. using Spath Spray was a no-brainer. I highly recommend them, and all my neighbors now use Spath Spray.”

– Cedric S.

“Mike is fantastic and goes the extra mile to get the job done. It’s easy to tell who uses Spath in the neighborhood. Always the greenest, healthiest lawns in the community.”

– Eric R.

“We have been very happy with the improvement in our lawn and yard since changing to Spath Spray. Very responsive service.”

– T. Black

“Spath Spray has my lawn looking green, my dying palms are coming back to life, and now no more annoying mosquitoes bites!! Highly recommend it!”

– Stacey R.

Lawn Care Company in Stuart, FL & Martin County, FL | Spath Spray

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